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Updated on August 24, 2023 07:25:59 AM

In today's world, cases of infringement of intellectual property have arisen. All businesses want to establish a unique identity and the infringement can harm their work or brand authority in the market. In this situation, the business or original owner can prevent their authority by sending a notice that is known as a “Cease and Desist Notice”.

Cease and Desist Notice is a legal warning given by a company or original owner to stop someone from misusing or copying another intellectual property. In this article, we will discuss the Cease and Desist Notice, its purpose, and all the necessary steps that include in this.

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What is Cease and Desist Notice?

The Cease and Desist notice is a formal letter that warns the recipient about outlawed activities that violate a legal authority's intellectual property. The original authority mainly sends this notice. This serves as a warning and demands to immediately stop the misuse of the other's rights. The main purpose of a “Cease and Desist Notice” is to provide a chance for the recipient to rectify the situation without any legal action.

When to use Cease and Desist Notice

There are many situations when we can use Cease and Desist Notice for protecting our rights such as:

  • Copyright infringement: A Cease and Desist notice is sent when any copyrighted work such as any music, artistic work, film or literary work is infringed by someone. This notice addresses every aspect of infringement and warns the recipient of the misuse of someone’s creation. It helps to halt the copying or unlaw distribution of the original work.
  • Trademark infringement: When someone is using a similar mark that is already registered known as Trademark Infringement. It harms the brand's reputation in the marketplace. In this situation, a Cease and Desist notice is sent by the original authority and demands immediate cease.
  • Patent infringement: For patent owners, a cease and desist notice can be used to address patent infringement. If someone is manufacturing, selling, or using your patented invention without authorization, you can send them a notice demanding that they stop these infringing activities immediately.
  • Harassment: In situations involving harassment, such as online harassment or stalking, a cease and desist notice can be used to demand the harasser cease all communication and contact with the victim. This notice serves as a warning, indicating that further harassment could lead to legal action.
  • Breach of Contract: In cases where a party fails to fulfil their contractual obligations, a cease and desist notice can be sent, stating the specific breaches and demanding that they fulfil their contractual commitments within a given timeframe, or face potential legal consequences.

Preparing and Sending a Cease and Desist Notice

Cease and Desist notice serves formal letter that uses as a warning to the recipient. Therefore the preparation and sending method of the notice should be appropriate. Here are some points mentioned below that must be remembered while preparing and sending the letter:

  • Consultation with the Legal Counsel: Before going to preparing and sending a Cease and Desist notice to someone, you should consult with a professional. A legal Consultant helps to determine all the cases and provides an appropriate solution to the situation. They will also guide you on the proper language and content to include in the notice to make it legally effective.Litem Legalis will be your best choice as a legal consultant with a number of experience.
  • Drafting the Notice Professionally: During the preparing a Cease and Desist notice the sender must use the professional way for drafting the letter. The notice must be clear and in threatening-free language. It should mention all the infringement fields or behaviour activity in this notice which will make more clarity regarding the unlawful activities.
  • Appropriate Method of Delivery: After preparing the Cease and Desist notice it must be delivered in an appropriate method. The sender can email and speed post as well through which the recipient can get this easy way.
  • Retaining Proof of Delivery: When the Cease and Desist Notice has been sent, it is important to keep all the detail as proof of delivery. Any confirmation receipts, email acknowledgement or any other evidence which confirms that the recipient has received the notice. This documentation is very important if any legal action occurs in future. During the legal procedure, the legal owner can take appropriate steps to address the issue.

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Cease and Desist Notice is a formal document that mentions the infringement and violation of others' rights. For intellectual property, if anyone copies or uses a registered authority work or creation, the legal owner can send this notice. It serves as a warning and demand to immediately halt illegal activities that harm the goodwill of a company.

The sender should remember a few points before sending the Cease and Desist Notice, such as the notice must be written clearly, and it should not contain any threatening words. However, the sender should consult with a professional who can guide him or her through every aspect of the process clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Cease and Desist Notice?

The cease and Desist notice is a formal letter that warns the recipient about outlawed activities that violate a legal authority's intellectual property.

Who issued Cease and Desist Notice?

A Cease and Desist Notice is issued by a legal owner of the work or brand in case of intellectual property infringement.

When Cease and Desist notice sent?

In many situations, a Cease and Desist Notice is sent such as copyright infringement, trademark infringement, Patent Infringement, Harassment and breach of contract as well.

What is the Cost of Cease and Desist Notice?

The Professional Charges for Cease and Desist Notice depends on the lawyer. There is no Government fee or charges for Filing Cease and Desist Notice, but a lawyer will charge a professional fee.

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